Friday, February 19, 2010

Things that you SHALL NOT socializing...

So I gave a friend of mine a gift for her birthday (name her Luna). She likes it. "Wow" that's what she said. I got it for her at a great bargain too.

And this one horrible, horrendous, (let's call her miss bigmouth) friend came and see, and she said...

"ahhh...kita bagi ni untuk **** dulu untuk birthday dia. Murah je, dekat Tesco. RM 5."

Why cant she tell it's not the right thing to say?

Infront of Luna...

Now the magics gone...

And altho Miss Bigmouth is a close friend, i would like to express my anger.....

If hurting a person not a sin, I would probably rip the lower jaw of miss bigmouth so that there will be no more bitchy, bullshitting mouth of her , that bigMOUTH can no longer be addressed.

She should be taking this to HEART and keep in mind that we are in a world where people has feelings, and secrets~

And she said TESCo... AHHHH!!!!! it's not in Tesco, it's in Tesco's building...Hinode is in Tesco...

What's next?" ahh....kita pergi tesco semalam, jumpa kotak ni..... murah je..." +_+Then I'm going to tell how bitchy and how she is failing in her social world right to her face~

Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's about GUYS and SPORTS DAY


It was the beginning of the tarik tali when sharifah appeared frantically at the other....i MEAN the OTHER SIDE of the field. She looked PANICKED...... AWFULLY PANICKED.... FRANTICALLY PANICKED....

So she was calling my name..."Hajar.... sini!!"...

And I was like, wtf??

So i crossed the field, HESITANTLY, to get my good old panicked friend.

And then she pulled me.... the pondok mak gad.

n there there was a boy, 16-18 sumthing, standing there (at ze gate).

he was like.."gloves"
and i was like ..."hah?"
"tu..sarung tangan "< he said sumting like dat.
and i was like..(showing the sarung tangan n wha?)
"masuk acara apa?"
"buat ape nak tahu?"
"Um...xder pape...kak, nak naik bley x?"
=_= " nak tengok kawan ke?"
"sory DIK...x bley"
"lagipun Nak habis dah...skang tengah tarik tali, kejap lagi habis lah. tggu lah kawan sampai habis nanti ye"

n then there was more guys....MORE guys....

so i turned to see the mak gad

" Ape ni...kalau tak bagi orang masuk bwat ape bwat hari sukan?
" hari sukan, bukan hari terbuka"..< I should've said that, LOL, but i didn't, instead i just ignored, cuz did not hear him clearly.
" ye lah..betul cakap dia. biar je lah masuk" said makgad.

n then sofea said sumthing about facebook-Guys nonsence n the pengetua's peringatan.

N there i was, calling the pengetua to deal with all the ruc-pus . But then, "nombor yang anda dail..."...ofcourse! She's dealing with tetamu kehormat.

n then the guy said

"Cepatlah kak....sian abang ni (showing at another guy beside him) tunggu tengah panas"

n then i was like, "Tu, dah beerteduh bawah pokok (pinang, kot)" n sharifah was like "ha'ah, pokok tu dah ada (shade)"

Think, think, HAjar, Think.


"ni adik siapa ni? abang siapa ni?"
n then the guys was like..."uh"...asking his friend something.. n then he was like..."Nana"

"nana yang mana? kelas apa?"
"Nama penuh Nana?"


"xpelah kaka, kitorang balik dulu lah ye"
"Baliklah, dik. A'kum"

... xderlah pula nak tunggu kawan sampai habis sukan...jadi apa maknanya tu?