Saturday, January 9, 2010

0.0 FORM 4 is . . . mengerikan~


It has been long~ tak online

MAcam dah menjadi lumrah setiap kali cuti internet n Astro busted, and ble nak start skolah...or in this year's case , ble DAH start skolah, baru fixed.

0.0 my life is hard, but ALHAMDULILLAH, i can handle it. Besydes, no pain no gain.

My tons of homework, DONE, alhamdulillah, done. Just need to read a few cerpen n sastera stuff~

Here's my review on FORM 4. YEs, not really a Honeymoon year.
Favourite. Why? u may ask? I need It! very, very much. The knowledge that i get r the knowledge that i'm actually using in my daily life.


Pn.Firda is very fun, but still, the subject is, mengerikan~
Add Math
So far so good.....Going to be mengerikan , still
HA Ha , TAkder! alhamdulillah~
MEngerikan...but it's kinda kool, cuz.... I AM AS APROUD MUSLIM AM VERY PROUD TO SAY THAT I AM ALREADY PROUDLY EXPOSED to ... Nabi Muhammad and Khalifah Ar-Rasyidin... Alhamdulillah....Life is good! and it's kinda kool that veryone, including non-muslims needs to know 'bout it.
but still... mengerikan...need to memorize every word..every page ....MENGERIKAN
I'm no einstein...cuz, I'm no !@#$%^& Jew, and no !@#$%^& smartass. so, mengerikan, ALSO.
.....what more to say than mengerikan?

Overall, MEngerikan......

My strategies?
Plan A- get along, do lots of praying, and studying, and hope Allah will lend his knowledge to me.
Plan B- If i kantoi , i'll just pikat some rich guy and have a wonderful life.

And this year is also a wonderful year, because..... rabbit had labour and gave birth to a babby rabbit!

woooo! I'll post his/her/he-she/she-he (not sure yet) picture l8r so stay alert!

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