Saturday, May 16, 2009

So, I watched this show. And this girl wished to the fairy for she wants to be a princess.

And so, the fairy poofed her a gold diamond-studded crown and a very beautiful dress, made of silk with ruffles, ribbons, sparkle and all of those stuff.

So i thought, is that what it means to be a 'princess'?

What made a person royalty? Well, it is because that their mom and dad are kings and queens.

Then i thought, why king? why queen? why the royalties to rule the country?

Why is there such level among the society?

It all depend on luck? that this person is born royalty, that people look up to, no matter how useless she or he is to them. That this person born destitute, that people turn their backs on.

I don't even know who created such thing, this thing called 'royalty'
or royal blood.

Duh, it is just blood in meat, a person, basically without all the pretty dresses, the same.

To me, ALLAH is the only king in this world.

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